Tea for Two 茶之道


Chinese tea differs from other countries' tea by taste and by its symbolic significance. How one serves tea and how the tea is accepted might define the relationship of the “two”.

In Chinese society, members can show respect to the seniors by pouring or serving a cup of tea. Tea may also be offered as an apology and accepting the tea signals forgiveness. Tea ceremony is important in formal occasions like wedding and birthday. Some still practice tea ceremony on knees in modern Hong Kong.

Besides, healing and rebalancing "Ying & Yang" through herbal tea has been practiced by Chinese doctors for thousands of years. Since 2017, "Herbal Tea" has been classified as an Intangible Cultural Heritage in Hong Kong.

The depth of tea culture may be echoed by the complexity of how one defines the quality of tea. Yet, the taste, the water, the temperature, the cup may not be as important as why, when and who serves the tea. This unspoken protocol defines the essence of Chinese tea culture. Tea ceremony is one of the few traditions that reigns through time and is still accepted by every level of the society. Tea for Two, but actually it’s the “Two” that defines what exactly is in their teacup!

Some ceremonies still count



中國古今醫師通過「山草藥茶」平衡陰陽、治療各病已有幾千年歴史。今天民間常見的 「涼茶」更在2017年被列為香港非物質文化遺產。

茶文化之深,可能遠比如何判別茶的質素更為複雜。茶的味道、水質、溫度、茶具也比不上誰來敬茶重要。這正是中國茶道最深長之意義。 茶道可能是現今少數仍受廣泛支持的中國傳統,也是少數仍被社會各階層視為目前生活一部份的傳統習俗。二人品茶,茶的品質在乎於兩人關係,絕非單憑茶和水可說得清!



Collage Clutch Size: (L): 20cm x (H): 15cm x (T): 2.5cm


Collage designed by HK Artist: Ms. Garlin Lee

Clutch 平扣 -Tea for Two

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