Early Bird・Morning Breeze   鳥語清風


Carrying a cage of bird to morning tea had long been a traditional ritual for businessmen to collect market intelligence prior to the Internet and telephone. Whenever being asked about their source of information, they always reply, "a little bird told me".

With modern communication, this morning exchange becomes less important. Nowadays, only very few tea houses allow guests to bring their birds in, including the ones in Ngau Chi Wan and Chuen Lung Village, but early dim-sum tea retains its popularity.

Nevertheless, there is still a strong group of bird raising lovers in Hong Kong Hong Kong who prefer the Bird Market known as Yuen Po Street Bird Garden in Mong Kok, which offers a glimpse of the traditional bird keeping culture as well as some very elaborate birdcages.

Indeed, sophisticated birdcages were once a luxury good for the upper class to show off their prosperity. Today, the Birdcage Production Technique has been listed as an Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong, affirming its historic fine craftsmanship.

In the Bird Street, individual birds sing together in their unique tunes around the cluster of stalls, but somehow became a perfect harmony of a cappella. What a wonderful, but rare scene in modern society!

Working hard ·The man
Breakfast tea · Early Bird






早起努力收風  • 必勝先生
嘆茶享受 • 籠中鳥


Collage Bag Size: (L): 20cm x (H): 17cm x (T): 6cm


Collage designed by HK Artist: Ms. Garlin Lee

Bag 珠扣 - Early Bird・Morning Breeze

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