Chinese Bamboo Billboard  竹. 戲棚


The history of bamboo scaffolding can be traced back to the Han Dynasty, when people used bamboo to assist in building houses and theatres.

During festivals, temporary bamboo theatres would be erected to stage Chinese opera performances to thank the gods and attract villagers. Up to the 1970s, bamboo was still widely used in Hong Kong by theatres and restaurants before neon light was introduced.

Today, the scene of large crowds gathering at the bamboo theatre to enjoy a Chinese opera has become rare. There are only about 60 bamboo theatre makers left in Hong Kong.

Bamboo Theatre Building Technique has been listed as one of the items on the Representative List of Intangible Cultural Heritage of Hong Kong to preserve this precious craft. Bamboo theatres and bamboo billboards can be compared metaphorically to Hong Kong, constantly transforming to face the challenges of new requirements.

Bamboo Billboard, “I cause no light pollution!”




竹棚 :我是零光污染


Collage Bag Size: (L): 20cm x (H): 17cm x (T): 6cm


Collage designed by HK Artist: Ms. Garlin Lee

Bag 珠扣 - Chinese Bamboo Billboard

Can order 歡迎預訂: Black
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